Today marks the 10th Anniversary of S-3 Group. We couldn’t be prouder of this moment and wanted to take a moment to mark the milestone and thank everyone for their support.

Over the last decade S-3 Group has grown from a couple of Hill vets striking out on their own to a bi-partisan integrated government relations and public affairs firm that has helped hundreds of clients take on high-stakes challenges and win. We helped clients win critical funding to grow their business and better serve their communities, we promoted sound policies that enabled entrepreneurs and workers and stopped some bad policies that threatened them, we even helped put rockets into space. We produced thousands of pages of legislative language, press statements, scripts, and social content along with an untold number of hours on the phone and in meetings with clients, policymakers, and reporters. In every case, we strived to help clients find and sharpen their message and deliver it in person, online, and on-the-air. We adapted to an ever-changing political environment and provided access and insight into it from those in control of power or just plain out of control.

Through it all, we’ve been fortunate to have friends and clients who have believed in us, valued our insight and ability, and invested in our shared success.

The last decade could also not have been possible without the tremendous work of the S-3 Group team present and past and our many business partners. From our first employee to several new faces we have only seen on Zoom thus far, their hard work and service to our clients each every day has been a critical factor in our success. Whether they were gathering key insights from Congressional leaders, drafting memos and talking points that explain complicated policies, monitoring news and sharing tweets, or anything in between, their contribution to the firm’s success is deeply appreciated. We could not have reached this milestone without you and are proud to call you all friends.

We are excited about the future – especially returning to regular order soon. Over the last year, we have been re-doubling our efforts to adapt to the new world of COVID and we will continue to seek new and innovative solutions and ideas to help all our clients no matter what the future may hold.

Here’s to a terrific first decade and many more to come!

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