Last month, Reddit’s now-famous army of day traders created historic market turmoil. Our Head of Digital, Hastie Afkhami, warns that the political and financial ramifications of the GameStop ‘meme’ investment rally are far from over. Companies must be ready to anticipate threats and protect themselves online.

These five digital strategies will provide early warnings and help prevent damaging fallout should your company become target of a ‘meme’ campaign.

  • Up your listening game. Ensure you’re thinking about your organization’s digital reputation holistically. Write queries that reflect the way users are actually talking about your brand, not the way you’d like them to be talking about your brand. Cast a wide digital net and make sure you look for spikes.
  • All platforms have value. There are no fringe digital platforms anymore. With advances in search, you should expect your digital monitoring to search every platform.
  • Be first to listen but be slow to engage. Being an active listener on the hot new platform is smart, but don’t dive headfirst into Reddit if it doesn’t make sense for you or your brand.
  • Pay attention to the nontraditional voices. Don’t discount the influence of a user because they’re missing a blue checkmark or because their primary sphere of influence exists on a platform other than Twitter. Spend time researching both your possible advocates and your possible attackers.
  • Know your online formula. Where do conversations about your brand originate? Are users talking about your brand differently on Twitter than they are on Reddit? Keep in mind that, while it’s essential to have a strong understanding of how your brand is perceived online, you shouldn’t assume this formula is consistent.

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